Model Engineering (the engineering and construction of working models)

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The modeleng-list is a mailing list dedicated to model engineers.
This term is used to describe those that make things, usually from
metal, usually at home or in a home shop, sometimes using fairly
advanced tools and techniques or old tools and techniques. In short,
this list is dedicated to those that make neat things and want to
talk about them.

To date the list is pretty international in scope, with many members
from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Other members hail from
Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Holland and South Africa. Please keep
this in mind when discussing tools or materials that might not be
available everywhere, or when a generic term might be used instead of
a specific (as an example, "high-carbon tool steel" is generally
better understood than "drill rod" (specific to USA and Canada) or
"silver steel" (more of a UK term).

This list was started by Mick Collins in the UK, and later moved to
the USA when it was discovered that Mick was remailing everything by
hand. It's currently managed by sympa (a mail server program)
and administered by Russ Kepler at, but since
he's not always around please be patient with list requests that
cannot be satisfied by

On subscribing to this list please post an introductory message about
yourself and your model engineering interests.

You are encouraged to post your questions and advice about anything
related to model engineering or related topics (machining,
metallurgy, etc.). Please put a subject line on your message that is
descriptive. If you post something in response to a question, please
indicate it in the subject line. Should you post something of
interest to the community but not directly related to model
engineering or related topics put YAK in the subject line. Be
considerate of your fellow list subscribers.

You should save this message for future reference. Please take
special note of the few rules below:

List rules:

1. This list is for model engineering topics. Anyone making
off-topic commercial posts will be removed. Occasional posts of a
semi-commercial topic (such as "I wrote this book.." or "I have
this grinder for sale...") are entirely on-topic. If you join this
list to make sales you may have made a mistake; if you've joined to
make friends you're in the right place.

On occasion folks on the list will veer somewhat off-topic. This
is normal in a group with wide interests, and often the off-topic
posts will return to on-topic. While off-topic it is considered
polite to mark the posts with "YAK" as noted above. If you feel
that the topic is off-charter and perhaps should be dropped please
contact the list admin at

2. Flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you want
to make a comment on anything other than the model engineering
content of a post make it personal and private to the poster, not
to the list.

3. Do not post copyrighted material that you do not have explicit
permission to post.

4. This is an 'open' list - please avoid posting anything that you
wouldn't put in a letter to your mother.

5. Forwarded mail. Don't forward mail to the list. In particular
mail on virus warnings, new laws proposed in congress, small boys
with cancer, ways to get rich, etc.

6. The list filters out posts created in HTML, RICH, other enhanced
mail types along with messages that contain attachments (many
"forwards" come through as attachments). It is important that you
send only plain text formatted messages with no attachments to the
list or they will never be posted (since the software will reject
them) and you WILL NOT be notified. If you don't know how to
configure your mail client to send plain text messages, please
visit one of the sites below for instructions on how to do so.

Most popular email clients are covered.

7. Please be puncutual about picking up your mail. If you fail to
clean up your mailbox and sympa starts getting 'bounce' messages
from your mail host your address will be removed from the list.
If you are not sure that you are currently on the list (due to a
lack of mail) simply send in a subscribe command as described

Further, if you have more than one email address please be sure to
send mail from the same address as that subscribed - spam forced
us to close the ability to post to the list to anyone not
subscribed to the list, and the only way to tell that is the
address from which a message is posted.

8. The list is provided as a service at no cost to the subscriber.
There are no warranties to the correctness of the information
presented by any user to any other user, nor by the list manager
or provider. If you don't know something to be completely safe
don't try it. If you do - you're on your own.

9. If you use the list to harvest email addresses in any manner you
will be assessed a fee of $1 per use of each name so harvested.
Placing off-topic commercial messages to the list or to the names
harvested as above is your acceptance of these terms. If you're
offended by this or want to be sure that a post is acceptable
please feel free to contact the list owner using the
"" address.

A. When posting a message that is starting a new thread please send it to the
address and not via a reply. Some mailers
will 'thread' messages with their replies, and mixing threads this way
can be confusing. If you are replying in the thread but find that the
subject has mutated feel free to change the subject to improve it.

Note also that a digest form of the list is available simply by
changing your list subscription type to "digest" either on the web page
accessable through or through email
by sending the text "set modeleng-list digest" to;
normal list reception (message by message) is available by sending
"set modeleng-list mail". The digest is sent out once a day. The
total traffic is quite reduced, but please remember when replying to
a message in the digest to set the "Subject:" line to reflect the
particular message to which is being replied.

Subscribe/unsubscribe information:, subject "help"

To be removed from the mailing list:

To post information/questions to the list:

Please address any questions to:

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